NOV 6, 2018


Hi!  Welcome to Bucks County Blue.  I created this page because there was a need for local candidate and committee information.  Feel free to use the Contact Me link at the bottom of every page to let me know if you find typos, broken links, missing links, etc.  

Committee information is crucial so residents know how to become involved!  If you are a committee chair, make sure your meeting information is complete on this site.  If it's not, let me know.  If your township/borough doesn't have a committee, why not start one?  It's a great way to build a community for the Dems in your town.

Feel free to link to my site, but understand this is not owned by any political organization or candidate so content is left to my discretion.  Having said that, I'm open to suggestions.

Please consider volunteering to help canvass, make phone calls, work the polls or just donate to a campaign.  All donate buttons on this site link directly to the county.  If there are links to specific candidate pages, they may have their own link to donate directly to their campaign.  Even $20 can help.

Shout out to Indivisible Berks for helping me with the cool maps I link to on the Municipalities page.  Thank you to the Bucks County Board of Elections and Gary Masino from the BCDC for sending me public information in a format I could.  Thank you to all the brave Bucks County citizens who stepped up to run for office - any office.  Many of these positions seem thankless, but you are giving back to your community and for that we thank you.   And lastly, thank you to my online community that showed me I wasn't alone in the need for information at my fingertips! 

As Tip O'Neill said, "All politics is local"!  Hope you find this site useful. 

Bucks County Blue